Ulu Pattern Anoni Lauhala/Loulu Papale 22.5" Brim 2.5"

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Hawaiian Pāpale made by the most skilled of master weavers. Loulu is an endemic palm that has only until recently been nearly a lost art. The lengthly process of gathering, preparing, and processing to reach a fiber ready to work with has made weaving Loulu a rarity.

All Lauhala, or Pandanus leaves are from Hawaiʻi and prepared by the weaver. A process of dethorning, cleaning, matching and processing to reach itʻs highest perfection.

A beautiful ʻAnoni or two toned hat. Stunning and obvious of itʻs makers talent. This hat features the Ulu pattern, or close up of the breadfruit skin!

All pāpale come with a fiber care kit which includes dustbag, fiber care oil, protective sweatband and care card.

Hat Size: 22.5”
Brim Size 2.5”

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