Mona Fragrance Candle

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Sunrise Bloom- A romantic scent of creamy coconut and vanilla, toasted almond, sugar and tuberose. Inspired by the tropical scents captured in a sea breeze. 

Farmers Market- Juicy citrus notes of mandarin, yuzu and lemon topped with herby notes of basil and peach. A refreshing scent reminiscent of sunny weekends spent at the local market. 

12 oz Handmade Ceramic Vessel. / 60-70 hr Burn time

Each of Mona's candles are hand poured in small batches with a healthy blend of coconut, soy and Hawaiʻi beeswax. They contain cotton wicks, premium fragrance and essential oils. All candles are created in Hawaiʻi as are the beautiful handmade ceramic jars they are in. We are truly locally crafted inside and out. 

Custom vessels are designed with the intention of being reusable. To continue the life of your candle, once you are done, simply scoop out any excess wax, and gently place wax refills in vessel. They can also be repurposed! // Refills are available Online.

Due to the handmade nature of each candle, slight color variations may appear in the ceramic vessel making each candle a one of a kind unique piece.

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